Glute talk : Brazilian butt lift-How to spot a fake butt

So many women all over the world (in some countries it is more common),females pay to get a bigger butt.

Not pay for the gym member ship,they pay for surgery.
Now..I am not here to talk shit,nor I am not hating on plastic surgery(I have done my breast 10 years ago as I told you guys about in my old blog) I just want to give you some “high lights” on this topic.

But…What is bugging me is that females who claim that SQUATS made her butt bigger or “Nah,this is real/Natural) I have done butt exercises”

Well ,first of all,yes, brazilian butt lift is “Natural” it is fat transfer from your stomach/back or thighs and into your hips and butt,so the fat is natural.

I also can say, YES it is not someones business if a female/male want to have surgery,and you

don’t need to say anything to anyone if they ask “Have you done a butt job?”

But…if you are trying to lie about it,and give people advice on how you train to get a bigger butt,Start youtube channels/facebook,instagram etc and “teach” how you can gain a bigger butt and charge for that, that makes me wonder….do you really sleep good after all your lies?

But at the same time…

Girls who fall for this lies,who really believe that some woman have train their butts like that,well then you should have done your research.and also don’t be that naive and take responsibility.

For me, it is quite easy for to spot a fake butt even if it is a brazilian butt lift.
But it is more obvious when she walk or show her butt in a video.

But I also want to say that,some fake butts are hard to spot,especially if they don’t have too much fat transfer to her behind,plus the doctor often check his client what will suit her best.

For some woman,they want to sculpt their behinds a lot more different than they had before
to give them the “S” shape, which mean smaller waist(take fat from back and love handles)
Bigger hip and butt (from behind her hips and butt look round,like two footballs)

See the video:

This type of butt/hips will look like this,and this one is easy to spot as a fake butt
Just because it starts to round out too much at the hips and continue on her butt,no indents on the side of her butt and hips anymore which is common on NATURAL butts/and hips. All of them have dents in their before pictures.

If you see them live or in videos,their butt seem “too stiff/ Don’t giggle as much / “(muscle does not giggle fast either,but muscles have a different form, and WITH dents)
I am not saying rock hard,but if her butt would be real ,it giggle more and faster than if she had a brazilian butt lift.

Many of my female blog readers THINK this look is how a woman should look like,and the reason for that is because they think it is WRONG to have butt and hip dents and they are trying to fix this problem by working out with weights.

I have received lots of pics from girls who are asking me how they can achieve this round look.

I have explained that this will not happen from working out,you can make a butt bigger by doing glute exercises to grow your glute muscles,but you can not change your butt shape

Or try to fill those dents because the dents are natural and all humans have them.
The only thing you can do is to do a fat transfer.

Myth of butt enlargement/brazilian butt lifts


Myth-1, All big butts are fake,if you have a big butt it is fake
False: Some have naturally big butts,and you can try to spot one if it is fake or not by looking from behind.

Myth-2, If someone have a small but round butt, it is real

False: There are a lot of woman who have flat butts who just want to get a small effect from brazilian butt lift or butt implants just like breasts, some want big and some want small.

Myth-3,  That woman must have worked for her big butt because I see her training her glutes on youtube or live at the gym

False: Many people train their chest even if they have breastimplants(myself included)
If you can get a better shape by working out a muscle even if you have done surgery,or you like to work out,then you should. You should train your glutes even if you have done a brazilian butt lift,to give it a better shape and also gain more muscles to make it look better and to keep it look good in the future (check this video below)

Myth-4, If a woman have developed hamstrings muscles and also thigh muscles and she have a big butt,that much be real

False: See the video above. Many females who working out does not do it properly or don’t want to wait until their glutes gets bigger ,or have a hard time to gain glute muscles OR just want a bigger butt than what she can gain from working out can do a brazilian butt lift to get a better physique.

How to spot a fake butt

CHECK : If her butt and hips are too round from the back and front like Kim Kardashian (not necessary that wide or big) then she might have a fake butt and hips.

CHECK : If her butt moves “slowly” or it seem like it has “too much stuff in” feeling,then she might have a fake one.

CHECK : If her butt still look perky in every angle,when she bend over,squeezing her butt (dent would show up) because most often,a natural butt does not look perky in every angle,when she bend over etc

CHECK : Does she have a flat belly(less fat) with a  big juicy butt,then check for marks on her belly,hips,legs etc where they sucked out the fat (this can be hard though)


Hey girls, most of you are worried about your glute/hip dents,and I want to let you know that have have glute dents too! IT IS NATURAL!

This is my butt dent! It has bother me much in the past,but I know this is normal,and nothing I can’t do about (and whey the hell should I ??) My ass is all natural and that is WHY it look like this. I am not posing or anything,standing straight up.
my butt dent

I remember when I was trying to build my butt in the beginning,and I looked at other big butt girls on the internet and saw those who had putt implants etc

I started to wonder “WHY have a 2 holes on the side of my butt??!!”

And I felt bad about my butt, this is CRAZY because it seem like that “we” are trying to sculp women differently these day’s, if someone have more visible dents on her hips/butt

Some people go like “oh,what a boxy ass,or this is ugly” or whatever and we should strive for the UNNATURAL butt that does not have dents either on the hips or the butt.


Yes, I would love to have a bigger butt and also less dents,but instead of feeling bad about it,just accept this.or save money for a brazilian butt lift!

Everyone can do what please her,but please…remember that not everyone is natural even if they SAY they are, do your research!

Example of a fake butt,when she train,her glutes does not even contract or move.
If you think your butt will look like this after doing exercises that she does,then you will be disappointed.


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15 thoughts on “Glute talk : Brazilian butt lift-How to spot a fake butt

  1. Såg “Skönhetsideal jorden runt: Brasilien” på TV igår som bl.a. handlade om en tjej som tävlade i “Miss Bumbum”, Brasiliens snyggaste rumpa. (Kom att tänka på dig igen då! 🙂 Men då undrade jag just om hennes var äkta och hur man i så fall kunde bevisa motsatsen…? Eftersom man i den tävlingen inte fick ha implantat. Andressa Urach hette hon det handlade om. (Själv ser jag ärligt talat ingen skillnad, men hon är verkligen sexig i alla fall!! Ser fantastisk ut. 🙂

    Där borde du kanske ställa upp i alla fall, för du har ju MINST lika snygg rumpa, du! 🙂

    • Det verkar som om män inte kan se skillnad så bra när det kommer till äkta eller fejk.
      Men jag har erfarenhet av just rumpträning i nu 12 år,jag vet hur en äkta rumpa ser ut,samt hur en rumpmuskel ser ut.

      Som jag skrev så kan det vara svårt att se skillnad om en tjej endast har gjort ett litet ingrepp i tex rumpan, som ett lyft eller bara sprutat in lite fett istället för gigantiska mängder.
      Då får man kolla efter stickhål eller se om hon gjort fettsugning någon annan stans på kroppen.

      När det gäller den vackra Andressa Urach så är hon inte äkta alls,Jag kan även se tydligt att hennes mage är fettsugd eftersom man då kan få lite rynkig,veckig hud där.rumpan är för stel och sticker ut på ett sätt i vinklar som en äkta rumpa (inte ens en riktigt tränad rumpa) skulle ha sådana “utstickningar i dessa vinklar)

      Det förekommer ju fusk överallt, i bodybuilding/fitness tävlingar där dom preppat/synthol osv fast det är förbjudet,idrottssammanhang/tävling med doping osv. MAn är naiv om man TROR att tex rumpan är äkta bara för att “man skriver kontrakt på att den ska vara äkta”, När en erfaren kirurg gjort en bedömning så kan man nog mer garantera att det finns en chans att det är äkta

      Här kan du se hur illa det har gått för Andressa och hennes operationer :

  2. I love this…Thank you for posting this. I think people should know how dangerous this is. Especially if they get it done by someone that isn’t a Doctor.
    Anyways i know that it takes months even years to a nice body…But i rather do it that way instead of taking the short cut. That way i can take pride of what I’ve accomplished. Thank you again Lo!!

    • You are right!

      If you have worked hard for it, then you can be proud and you OWN it!

      Yes, even if you transfer fat from stomach to your butt, the risks are high anyway,and things can go very wrong, that is what scares me

  3. Bästa inlägget jag läst! Man skulle kunna tro att jag skrivit det! det här borde defentivt spridas vidare. Så synd att folk går på allt de läser, ser o hör. Speciellt killar. Fy.

  4. Din rumpa som är så stor, ser den stor ut i alla vinklar? Kan du ej visa lite mer “osmickrande” bilder på den ? Den ser verkligen perfekt ut för o vara äkta 🙂

    • Jag tycker inte min rumpa är så stor(iallafall inte just nu), Bilden längst ner i detta inlägg visar min rumpa i en i mitt tycke osmickrande anda,där ser man tex mina “hål” på sidan av rumpan vilket är helt naturligt för en rumpm8uskel.
      Fejkade rumpor har ofta en välödigt runt look i sidorna.

  5. Det var verkligen INGEN osmickrande bild! 😉 du som är expert på rumpor visst ät Victorialomba på instagram rumpa fejk?:s

  6. Jag är tjej, jag förstår inte varför du låter som otrevlig och dryg mot mig när jag gav dig en komplimang tom.

  7. I have a natural big butt . Had it since the age of 12. I do find it funny how it is become a common thing now made possible by surgery. I think its damn near impossible for any man/woman to recreate anything one was born with naturally big. I can always tell. They look weird hour glasses. The fact that these women are being celebrated, it tells me that society approves of this. Not only that but they are willing to pay just to see it.

    • I prefer the natural look myself when it comes to bigger butt/hips, otherwise it is pretty easy to see that it is fake and personal I don’t find that appealing,But if they feel happy then good for them.
      If they try to fool girls and say to them that they have built a body like that from weight training and offer workout plans, that is not cool.

      I understand what you are saying C M !

      We can always do the best of what we have from training.

  8. So I have a question, do you think that Coco and Lyzabeth Lopez have real butts? My friend swears they are fake but I don’t know.

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