I love this journey

If you don’t like weight training you might think that I am crazy when I say:
I love this body journey!

Yes, it takes time,and I need to train hard and be disciplined for years before I am where I want to be(or will it even happen this life time lol),but that is what keeps me motivated!

I get a kick out of it when I have a great workout, I get a kick out of it,when I see some small results, I get a kick out of it when I look at my body and see what I need to be working on harder next to get closer to my body goal.

This IS fun! otherwise I would not continue with body sculpting aka weight training/bodybuilding/fitness.

If I had my absolute body goal today, then I would not have anything left to strive for body wise, well for the health,but not for the look.

Like bodybuilders, even if they have trained for 20 + years, Mr/Miss Olympia athletes STILL works hard to become and look better each year, it is a non stop life progress, you can always do better and be better,that is the beauty of this life style.

If you don’t love it or feel motivated about it,then you might find other things that makes you happy and fulfill.

Weight training is not the only training alternative, but it is the best natural body sculpting alternative out there in the world.



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4 thoughts on “I love this journey

  1. Hi Lo,gorgeosus and inspiring as always, don you have picturesof your gorgeous body with tinier g-strings??? 🙂

  2. LOOOL Long time since i been commenting on everything , I come rarely to your blog I must say these days.
    Thanks you for being sincere and helpful and really an amazing Stranger friend loool .
    Be always happy about you do , always strive for more of everything but never let it stress you out .
    We been friends for what 2 years maybe now , and I barely really know you and loool I sure don’t do the exercises and tips you give for bigger breast / booty or cellulites , but you have always been informative and I learned lots from your posts on various stuff from diet to mental music .
    Hope I was not a pain in your ass throughout your journey , I know I can be nagging sometimes but what can I do you got a magical spirit and smile.
    ; ) always Smile My friend and always cherish yourself , your achievements and then keep going
    And you look stunning more than words can say , besides I was around back when that ass and body was crushing stuff loool so yeah I bet you can guess everything I would say .

    Sorry for making it long .

    • I Appreciate your comment:-)

      And I am doing fine and keep on moving with things I enjoy.
      I hope you are keep on moving ans staying positive too Ez!

      Have a wonderful week!


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