Light weights=more muscles

Hi Gorgeous readers!

Let me remind you of….

It is not about HOW MUCH WEIGHTS you use when you lift weights to build muscles.
it is all about HOW to lift to give the working muscle as much resistance as possible.

Let me clear this out for you.

Let say you want to gain bigger thighs,squat would do so good for your quads development if you do it the correct way.

You have to know what muscle you want to target,this example, we want to target quads.
In order for your quads to work as much as possible during the lift,you need to use a light weight to help concentrate on your quads only.

When you use light weights for your quads,then you won’t need too much of assisted(secondary) muscles to help with the lift,and your quads will get to work as hard as they should do without getting help from other muscles which would result in less work for your quads.

Less work=less muscles.

If you do heavy squats,your back,hamstrings and glutes will help a lot more to lift the weights,and you wont get 100% quad work,because now you will “share” the work with three other muscles.

I can give another example…

Let say you and your other three friends are going to move a furniture (let’s pic a table),
If you try to lift the table on your own,you need to work a lot harder right?

If you and your three friends lift the table at the same time, it will be a lot easier for you.

Let say you lift this table on a regular basis,will you get more muscles from lifting alone or the help from your friends?

Of course if you lift it on your own.

Regardless of what muscle group you want to gain,have this in mind ” I will not share this work”.

Try to isolate that muscle in every single exercise if your goal is to gain more muscles in that area.

This is absolutely one of the BIGGEST reason why people stay small even if they lift heavy.
They really don’t use the muscle to 100%.

And if someone is BIG and lift heavy,that means that person have a good muscle connection and know how to use the muscle.

I am not impressed by how much weights someone lift,I am impressed how the person physique looks like through weight training.

Because soooooo many people can lift soooo much but still look like sticks or it does not look like she/he lift.

So again,think about what you want,gains or strength? because these are two different things.

By the way…

I only lift 20 kg (44 lbs) for back squats,below parallel with 1 sec stop in 15 reps,and I use my QUADS to get it up,no help from my back by pushing with my back,no help by poking out my butt to press myself up, no I use QUADS,and I am sooo fried after one set.

People compliment my legs often live,and say that I have big legs and ask “HOW MUCH CAN YOU LIFT WITH THOSE LEGS”

And most people are shocked when I say “20 kg” 🙂

In fact,I train lighter than most of the people,but it is heavy for the specific muscle I train,and that is exactly what I want!

I want to grow,not to be strong.



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9 thoughts on “Light weights=more muscles

    • HI Bia!

      But, if you try to isolate a muscle with a compound movement (example squats,and want to target quads) it will be “heavy” for quads even if you go light and not trying to get the help of the secondary muscles.
      Also, if you go light, it is much easier to actually hit the right muscle.

      People always think heavy means heavy as possible that involves a lot of muscles.this type of training can be done too and you get results,but again..what muscle would you like to grow 100% ?,if you train with the right technique you will get better muscle development in that area.

  1. I’m a guy but this post is misguided. I am a certified personal trainer myself. Heavy weights recruit more muscle fibers in general, therefore compound movements lead to greater muscle growth. It definitely is about weight. Heavy squats will cause more muscle growth in the glutes, quads, and hamstrings because heavy weight recruits more muscle fibers. You can isolate specific muscle groups, yes, but heavier movements always lead to bigger growth. Technique should of course always be on point, but this post is factually incorrect. I am not pointing this out to be mean. I’m pointing it out to help educate and encourage you to do some more research.

    • Hi Efficiently fit!

      Thanks for your comment.

      The word “heavy” is misguided in the fitness/bodybuilding world.

      What heavy really means (if you want to put on mass and not being a strong lift guy) You should use a weight and make it as heavy as possible for the target muscle group you want to grow with perfect form and technique without using too much of secondary muscles.
      How many guys/woman do you really see with great quads?

      I would say…probably not too many.

      And the reason for that is they are lifting too heavy and not using their quads as much as possible, or glutes for that matter.

      I think that you are misunderstand my point in this article, light does not mean light for that target muscle,light means that you should decrease your weights to do a full ROM with that weights and really concentrate (good mind-muscle connection)
      on the muscle you want to gain,example quads.

      I once learned the same thing as you did(the heavier weight you use,the more muscle fibers you will requite etc),and yes, that is correct when it comes to gain more muscle all over your body,but this article is more about targeting the right muscle (example a muscle group that is hard to develop,lacking or a muscle group you really want to gain as much as possible),and from my own experience with training and also training clients that had personal trainer with bad results
      I have seen a lot better results when it comes to this technique.

      Just because someone is a certified personal trainer does not mean that they are good, it is so many nuts out there.

      My education to you is, before you say anything about something you have not tried or understand,try it for a while and I am sure you would see better development in some muscle groups you want to grow.

      My legs are a lot bigger when I lift 20 kg squat compared to 85 kg squat in the past,and it is because I really concentrate on lifting with my quads rather than cheat with my back and butt to lift the weights,and yes, 20 kg squat is heavy for my legs,believe it or not,I make my squats as heavy as possible with that giving weight.

      Have a wonderful Saturday Sir.

      • “Targeting” a muscle with light weight does not make it grow more than lifting heavy. You can use buzzwords like that all day. It doesn’t mean it’s correct. I didn’t misunderstand your point at all. You said “they are lifting too heavy and not using their quads as much as possible”. That is ridiculous as heavy weight causes MORE quad muscle fibers to be used. Just because you have good ROM, that doesn’t mean the muscle will grow. I could use 5 pound weights with good ROM and get no gains whatsoever. I’m pretty knowledgeable in this stuff and do a lot of research on the subject. I don’t know where you got this idea from but I would suggest you do some research before telling others about a technique that clearly is incorrect. Also, telling me to try something before telling you it’s wrong is ridiculous. Does a doctor have to break an arm to tell you that it would be painful? No. That’s an absurd thing to say. Science does not support this. If you were “cheating with your back and butt” to lift heavy, then your form was incorrect. Heavy lifts with ROM and good form will outwork isolation movements any day of the week. That’s just a fact. I don’t like when people spout things as fact in the fitness industry when they haven’t done research. It causes people to believe falsehoods and that irritates me.

      • Who said anything about using a light weight like 5 pounds?

        Light weight for that targeting muscle group will be heavy if you can use that specific muscle group and contract it against resistance and make it as hard as you can.
        Just look at Kai greene and what he has to say about using your muscle against light weight (he is only one of them that predict light weights)

        It is clearly obvious that you have not practice this yourself,which mean you don’t have any kind of experience in this field.
        I say this…don’t come here and try to beat me up when you have no experience about this.that is really ridiculous.

        Do your own research about light weights and building muscles.

        in the past, people thought squats was the only thing you needed to grow a bigger butt, but that is not the case today, squats are not the best and only way to gain a bigger butt (do your research)
        In the past, people thought that you could only gain muscles from doing heavy weights, that is not the case today, more and more studies shows that you can gain as good with high reps as low reps (do your research)

        You seem to be very narrow in your thinking,that it is only one way to gain big muscles. well if you can not be open to other possibilities,then it is up to you.
        Trainers will not always share the same opinion, and I respect that.

        But I am willing to be open, to find out other ways too,to get better gains,and one thing that I have found is that both low reps and high reps works great.

        If you do low reps and don’t grow as much as you want, then using light weight can definitely give you a lot of new gains.

        Regarding heavy weight squat, yes, people do help with glutes and back more even with great form.

        I am not going to waste my time on you because you have decide what you want to believe.

        Good bye

      • Light weight is never heavy weight. That makes no sense. Kai Greene can SAY anything. If you actually LOOK at his workouts, he lifts heavy weight 90% of the time. Light weights don’t cause muscle gain unless taken to failure frequently and combined with heavy lifting. Period. I’m not trying to “beat you up”. All I’m saying is that your information is wrong. Squats ARE the best exercise for quads. They use the most muscles and allow the most ROM compared to leg press or other exercises. Also the squat is the best exercise for your butt. You need to get your facts straight before calling out people who have done more research. You don’t have to waste any more time. I don’t need your validation. I just wanted to cal you out so others wouldn’t see this and be misled.

  2. @Effeciently FIt.. Also the squat is the best exercise for your butt. Squats are NOT the best exercise for your butt. You actually need to do more research before telling others to. It’s been tested many times that hip thrusts and bridge are the BEST exercise for your butt.

  3. Efficiently Fit thinks that heavy curl isn’t heavy if it doesn’t match with your deadlift numbers.

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