Body fat caliper

Yesterday I ordered a body fat caliper, for like 2 usd.
The reason for that is not really to determined my body fat %…

I want a caliper for tracking progress, and I know that a body fat caliper is not something to trust much if you want to know your body fat % because it can differ of a few fat% -/+.

I think my body fat % is like 21-22% right now, but I have NO idea.

I mean my legs have not that much fat,my belly have more fat than my thighs,and my upper arm(triceps) have less fat than my belly…

So, in total when measure 3 spots, the number could actually give me less fat % than I think.

Just because you don’t really see my visible abs, that does not mean my overall body fat % is as high as you might think.

Often you think that a person with visible abs have less body fat % just because of that lean belly, but that person might have more fat on her thighs and arms which can give her a result in a higher fat % than you might think.

So it is all about the total number of the 3 spots you will measure.

fat caliper

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