Affirmations….we use affirmations everyday,several times per day unaware or aware of them.

So what is a affirmation?

It is something you say to yourself like a phrase(or mantra), example ” I am a good parent”, and something we often repeat to ourselves, like a visualization,but in words.

If you want to change how you think and get a better life, affirmations will be your friend.
There are bad affirmations and good affirmations.

The bad ones we say to ourself will lower our energy and make us feel bad, example “I am a lousy parent”

You can use affirmations in any area of your life,and you must repeat them over and over again.

Let say you take 2-5 min per day and say a phrase of an affirmation like “My training goes better and better each day” if you want a better mindset and a better workout.

Focus on this affirmation and repeat it for 2-5 min in the morning.
“My body respond so fast to training” or “I am getting stronger and stronger each workout” or whatever YOU want for yourself.

You don’t need to believe in the words you say(because often we don’t believe it at first)
and that is totally fine! Do not force yourself to “feel something” just repeat the phrase
over and over 1,2,3 or more times per day and one day you will believe it and it will become real.

Whatever the mind goes,the body will follow.

White affirmations on paper notes,say them loud or in your thoughts,sing them for yourself or write them down, whatever you feel like is best for you.

Peace out<3



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