My body fat %

I have never measured my body fat in the past, but I have wondering how much body fat% I have in some periods, especially if I was bulking or cutting.

It is not that I care about how much body fat I have in general,but If I want to make progress  it could be nice to see how my body fat change and knowing if I mainly gain fat or muscles when bulking or cutting.

I think a fat caliper can be a good tool if you are using it for your own progress.
Even if you measure with a fat caliper, it is hard to measure exact same all the time so it can vary a lot too.

The best way to get a more accurate result is to practice and write down how you measure and what spot you measure,and compare from there all the time.
When I measure on 3 spots (triceps,thigh,and suprailiac)and then type in my age,gender and weight,it gives me a very low fat %, like 12% body fat on 3 different web sites.

And too me, I think that fat % sound too low for how my body look ! so I don’t believe I have that low body fat %.

When I only measure 1 skin fold (belly—>suprailiac) and look at the body fat interpretation chart I got with my fat caliper,and look at the age,gender and then milliliter skin fold,then it say’s I have 18% body fat.

This sound and look more accurate.

A friend of mine guessed 18% body fat before I even took the measurement,and he is a former bodybuilder so he is quite good at guessing too.

So from now on,I will only measure my belly when I track my progress to see if it will shrink or increase.

I will skip measure myself when I have my period or whenever I retain too much water because otherwise I will have  a incorrect body fat %,and also only measure in the morning before breakfast and drinking.

I did measure my skin fold when I had my period this time,but I don’t think I was too bloated that morning.

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