16 day’s without leg training

This is the second week I am sick, I thought I would be able to train this Monday but I could not.

Last time I trained my legs was May 30.So it is 16 day’s ago(the same for my whole body)
So I really want to start train again,I hope I can train light in the end of this week or next week.

I have not started my diet yet because of this, I have not calculate my calories nor have I been eating healthy, I have been eating a lot of cakes,ice creams and chocolate more than I should.

So I will at least eat more healthy now and get started with my diet as soon as I can train again.

I still use maca, I purchased maca the other day,but I am not sure if I get the effect from maca lol

I have not notice anything,and I use 2 teaspoon per day,sometimes I take 1-2 day’s off from maca use.

I know it is a healthy supplement so I will keep using it anyway,I will try to use 3 teaspoon per day and see if that makes any changes in energy,health,stamina etc


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