So I did 5 sets of ass to grass squat at home today to start out light after 16 day’s off.
I only used 16 kg for squat,and first set 21 reps.

Yeah, you might think 16 kg is NOTHING lol, but to me it is tough because I don’t use scoop squat as so many people do to help push them self up with butt and back so it almost look like a good morning instead of a squat!

I am thinking of what muscle I want to train and also do it without momentum.
I must admit that the way I squat, I don’t feel my butt at all…I mean I use my thighs as much as possible so my glutes don’t get much job from this.

Right now it is okay for me because I think the most important for me is QUADS!

So next week I will train hard again and also involve more glute work too:-)

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4 thoughts on “Squats

    • Hi Bia!

      Many people don’t feel the glutes work properly when they squat even with ATG.
      Often times their thighs are stronger and take over.

      Everyone uses their muscles differently, I need to see a video of a person from the side view to point out what she/he is doing “wrong”

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