Squats and football

No gym today.

Instead I trained at home,legs,legs and more legs…you see..
I find it hard to come back to train hard after I have been sick,so it usually take 1-2 weeks before I am on the right track again after I am healed.

It feels really nice to have some pump from my workout and that gave me a better mood too:-)

Squats and watching football was a nice combination lol

squat lollo

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2 thoughts on “Squats and football

  1. I just had a knee surgery 😀
    And I wondered who can give me a better inspiration than a real friend :D.
    Wish you all the best L.O you look fabulous (yes I checked those instagram pics as well hope you dont mind 😀 ) Keep it going , keep smiling , stay strong and keep SKATING ::D So keep rolling my friend and loool Yeah I want this cake 😛

    • A knee surgery!? Oh, I hope this will help you to heal then:-)

      Hehe yes, I share my Instagram pics so you are welcome to view them too 🙂

      I hope you get well and that you will have a wonderful week!

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