Balance your butt with single leg hipthrust/glutebridge

If you want to balance out left and right butt cheeks,then it is a good idea to combine single leg hip thrust and single leg glutebridge with two legged hip thrust and glutebridge.

Not only that, you train your balance because you must keep your hip in a horizontal line during the movement which is hard to when you are not use to it, if one side of your hip drop (mostly the side with your leg up and bent (see my picture below)) You are not doing the exercise properly plus it can lead to injury.

So make sure to keep your hips in a horizontal line.

You will also notice that your gluteus medius on the working leg will be on fire even more,because its job is to stabilize your hip,your glutes will actually have a greater challenge in single leg movements like single leg hip thrust and single leg glutebridge.

single leg

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