Do this daily affirmation with me:-)

Good day!

Let us do a daily affirmation today:-)
If you think this is silly,then that is OKAY, but the power of what words you use are stronger than you can imagine.You have nothing to lose:-)

Try to say these out loud or say them in your mind.Notice how you feel afterwards.

Here we go:

This day will be awesome!
I am full of energy!
I feel GREAT!
I am getting stronger each day!
I feel joy!
I take action!
I am prepared for my daily tasks!
I love life!
I am happy and fulfill !
I am healthy!
I choose health!
I am looking forward to my workout!
I love working out!
I see goods in everything in life!
I respect myself!
I respect other people!
People respect me!
Life is good!
I take what I want from life!
I feel so fantastic!
I give myself love!
I respect my body!
I love my body more and more each day!
I care for myself!
I love being healthy!
I love being strong!
I am loved by others!
I am attractive!
People find me attractive!
I shine like a star and everyone notice it!
I feel the power inside of me!
What ever I decide to do, I do it and I enjoy it!
Every day brings surprises for me!
I wake up every morning full of energy!
I get plenty of sleep!
I sleep like a baby at nights!
It is easy for me to fall asleep!
I am the master of my life!
I am happy!
I am powerful!
I choose to stay fit!
I choose to stay positive!
It feels great to be positive!
I enjoy being around other people!
People are nice to me!
I am nice to other people!
I am beautiful!
I am good at being me!
I love being me!
I am so AWESOME!
I am creative!
I find solutions to any problems!
It is easy to solve problems!
I learn from every mistake!
I grow as a person everyday!
I can learn something good from every single person I meet!
I love to learn new things!
I am a wonderful person!
I have so much to give to this world!
People need me!
I need people!
I am motivated!
I am passion!
I am inspired!
Everything is possible for me!
I can handle anything that lives brings me!
I am bigger than I can imagine!
I trust myself more and more each day!
It is easy for me to maintain my ideal body weight!
My body and I are a great team!
I listen to my body!
My body is my temple!
I choose to take care of my body!
I have good qualities!
When I speak,people love what I have to say!
I always say smart things!
I am intelligent!
I have so much to offer this world!
I am good at what I do!
I am getting better and better each day!


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