Glute talk: Bigger butt now!-Större rumpa nu!


Hey glutegirls!

I am all in for gaining my butt bigger again!
I do like my butt better when it is a bit bigger,because I can’t deny that I am a butt girl 🙂

So I am going to do my best to increase the size of my behind now.
So here is how I am going to do this:

* I will count my calories to make sure my muscles have something to grow on.
* I will increase my protein intake
* I will mostly eat clean and fresh foods
* Drink more water (I have not been drinking enough)
* Sleep in time
* Affirmations to boost my mind power (you can’t imagine how important this is for your performance)
* Strict workouts 6 times per week(this works best for me to kick myself in the ass)
* Relax,be cool if things comes in between my workouts and I can’t train
* Visualization myself with the butt I have

Yes, that would be enough! 🙂


Hallå Glutegirls!

Jag är helt inställd på att bygga upp min rumpa igen!
Jag gillar och föredrar min rumpa när den är lite större än nuläget, jag kan inte sticka under stolen med att jag är en rump tjej:-)

Jag kommer att göra mitt bästa för att bygga upp min bakdel nu.
Så det här kommer jag att göra:

* Jag kommer att räkna kalorier så att jag är säker på att mina muskler har något att bygga på
* Jag kommer att öka protein intaget något
* Jag kommer mestadels äta ren och sund mat
* Dricka mer vatten (jag har inte druckit så mycket vatten på senaste tiden)
* Sova i tid
* Affirmationer för att sätta fart på sinnets kraft ( Du anar inte vilken påverkan ens tankar har på ens prestation )
* Strikt träning 6 dagar i veckan ( detta funkar bäst för min egen del för att få en spark i röven)
* Slappna av, ta det lugnt om det kommer annat i vägen som gör att jag inte kan träna
* Visualisera mig själv med den rumpan jag vill ha

Jepp, det får duga!:-)


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10 thoughts on “Glute talk: Bigger butt now!-Större rumpa nu!

  1. Go girl, yeah, I’m a button girl too
    I lost some muscle because a case of food poisoning. I’m determined to gain more muscle in glutes quads and Biceps. I like working out 5 x a week as well. The struggle is real but still to gain back what was lost.

    • Hi lu-Rae Bailey!

      Oh,sorry to hear that!

      I am sure you will gain it back in no time:-)

      I really enjoy the struggle because you know what you want and really go for it, even if it is too tough sometimes.
      Remember that if we can see ourself with the body we want,then it is achievable:-)

  2. I see all trainers say work your butt many times a week for it to grow but my muscles grow more if I only work them only every 5-7 days? Have you heard of that? I max out on my lifts when I lift

    • Hi Kila!

      New studies has shown that training a body part 2 times per week is “better” for muscle growth than 1 time per week,so therefore many people go for two rather than one.
      If you train more often, then you can’t max out every time either.

      I just want to add that NOTHING is written in stone,if something work for you better,then I would say go for what works best for you.
      But if you want to train more often,then train close to failure like 2-3 reps from failure and you can train more often and see how it works for you.

      I have notice for my upper body, it grows better if I train it once per week only ,and I have also tried to train my upper body twice per week but I don’t see that I grow faster or more from that.
      For my lower body, I need to train at least twice per week because once per week does not give me much, and this is from my own experience.

  3. Hi Lo,

    Yayy,, Ima start with you and hopefully get some good results too!!

    When you say “Strict workouts 6 times per week”

    Are u talking about 6 days per week ?
    How long will you do this for 3 months, 6 months ?

    How many calories will you be eating ?

    Do you have particular exercises that are like a “must” to help grow your butt that you will incorporate?

    Thanks so much
    Love you blog!! ❤❤

    • Hello B !

      Ni to see that you also want to get started again:-)

      I will train strict for 6 day’s per week and do both upper and lower body.
      I will for the same schedule for 2-3 months and then switch, if I do a lot of technique training that is super tough,then I might only do it for 1-2 months and then do more normal but strict and good workouts too(I have not really decide it yet)

      I will eat for 2100-2200 calories as a start.

      Yes, I will do reverse side lunge with a twist—> as a must for me because it does do wonder for my butt, I can’t believe how well it works for my butt when I do it.
      But I will do more sets than I usually do,perhaps 4-5 for this exercise.

      Squat will be used too,but mostly because I want them for my thighs.

      Also deep single leg squat, works nice for my butt,and it will be a must!

      Thank you dear:-)

      I wish you all the best too<3

  4. Hi beautiful!!!
    I train 6 days a week. I work on my legs/Glutes..Monday Thursday & Saturday.
    I do 45/60 minutes cardio & abs/core workout on Tuesday & Friday.
    I work my upper body on Wednesday. I eat a clean diet!!! I must say i went from a size 0 to a size 5!!! I am very curvy now. My waistline is 29″ & my booty is 41″ all Thanks to Lo!! I am so greatful that i found your blog. I always bragg to my friends about how good you look! Thank you again my friend….

    • HI wonderful bia!

      Oh, I am so glad to hear your progress and that have made such great gains:-)! You should really be proud of yourself and I am sure you can inspire many other girls too:-)
      We all can do wonders if we believe and put the hard work into it and never give up,we deserve to feel good about ourself and have what we want in life.

      Thank you for your wonderful words<3

      I wish you all the best:-)

      • Thank you!!! Yes i am Proud! You should be proud too my friend!!! I’ve never thought it would be possible until i started following your blog.
        I am still Not done i want more gains 😉.

      • You are welcome:-)

        Thank you dear,yes I am proud of myself too;-)

        And I know what you mean girl! we always want more!! and that is our birthright too, if we want more and we feel better about it,then so be it!

        We will keep on doing what we love and have fun about it too.

        Keep on rocking Bia!:-)

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