Ginger and glute talk

I have now bought ginger ,..raw and in powder form!
I wonder what it can do for me and if I am going to notice any of the health benefits they can bring.

I did started out with 1 teaspoon ginger powder this morning in my protein shake,and of course it taste like shit haha, but I am sure I will get use to it soon.

I will let you know how it goes;-)

It is now time to train back,hams and glutes!

After 6 day’s of glute training, my glutes looks and feel a lot firmer and my kids always want to use my glutes like a boxing bag!

“Hey mom! I like you butt,can I punch it?? never mind, I punch it!”

Okay ,so I have at least 8 day’s to go and then I will see how it feels,If it feels good, then I will go for another 2 weeks of daily glute training.

Have a nice Friday!:-)


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