Select your exercises wisely-Välj dina övningar klokt


If you want to build your butt,then make sure to use exercises that YOU feel your butt works best on.

In other words… If you feel the best glute contact and tension from single leg deadlift instead of bulgarian split squat.. Then keep single leg deadlift and do more sets with it.

If you can’t feel your muscles enough when you train,then you wont get the best results that you could have.

Select your exercises wisely👍


Om du vill bygga upp rumpam, se då till att välja övningar där DU känner att din rumpa tränas bäst i.

Med andra ord…om du känner bättre rump kontakt från enbens marklyft mer än bulgarian split squat,
Använd då enbens marklyft mer och kör fler sets med den.

Om du inte känner att din rumpa arbetar effektivt under rumpträningen så kommer du heller inte få så bra resultat som du annars skulle kunna uppnå.

Välj dina övningar klokt:-)

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3 thoughts on “Select your exercises wisely-Välj dina övningar klokt

  1. Hi Lo!
    When i do Barbell Squat i don’t really feel it in my Glutes…Should i do this workout..I feel the Burn/pump more on Hip Thrust then an any other Glute workout.

    • HI Bia!

      I would not skip squat completely, you could try different variations of squats and foot placements etc to feel it more in your glutes, but I would suggest that you do more sets of hip thrusts if you feel your glutes works better from them
      And add hip thrusts to all your legs/glute sessions and start with that exercise first.

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