My body story

Good evening everyone!

Some of you already know my body story, but not my new readers.
So I am going to write my body story tonight.

I just want to make something clear here…
I am going to explain how I felt back then,my thoughts and feelings I had about my body.

It does not mean I think that way today or think the same thing about other women because I don’t!

I am older now and honestly I think everyone looks okay no matter how they are built.
But I still prefer my self thicker, It is just a taste I have.

As a child,teen and even as a adult I have always been slim,not bony or something,just slim and I was happy with it, nothing I really thought about.

Then I noticed my girl friends got wider hips,and thicker legs etc, for myself, my breasts got big,that was the only thing that happened for me

My hips was still slim and so my legs,and a cute little butt:-)

Today I don’t care much about slim or wide hips etc, because it is not important for me anymore.

Years went by and I got more frustrated about how my body looked,I wanted to have a body with hips,butt and legs!

I tried to eat more food to gain more fat,and yes, I did gained fat,but it went mostly on my belly area,my breasts,my arms and back, my lower body still looked pretty much the same.

I was not pleased with how I looked.

I lost the weight and I searched the internet to find out how I could become more curvy.
All I found 12 years ago was “How to get a smaller butt” “How to get smaller hips” “How to lose fat” and so on.

I was so angry and sad and thought “WHY can’t they do something for those who want to gain more curves!!??”

Then I decide to do my own research and learn as much as I could on how to gain more curves,and that lead me to weight training and nutrition.

I became obsessed and read everything I could, I was like a magnet to everything I wanted to read about.

I thought “You can build muscles,and legs,butt and hips are muscles too,so you must be able to gain bigger muscles there too!!!!”

I was so happy!

I study for hours, first thing in the morning I sat down and study all day and evening, I also dreamed about it.

And then I started to lifting weights and also I had a supportive diet to meet my goal.
The first 7 months, I made some great changes to my body, this came from eating more,but healthy foods and alot more proteins.

A workout plan that was mostly squats,reverse lunge,deadlift and stiff deadlift,calf raises for my lower body.

Military press,barbell row,lat pull down,biceps curl,triceps push down,lateral shoulder raises,bent over rear delt raises for my upper body

Rep ranges mostly between 4-6 reps ,so it was heavy.

After 7 months, people around me started to notice my gains and asked me “what have you done!??” They though I made some great changes to my body.

I started to feel so curvy and feminine and I was so happy!

After 7 months I wanted to reduce some body fat, so I continued to train heavy 4-6 reps and added cardio and a low calorie diet, I kept getting bigger muscle wise while I shredded more fat,and I came to a point where my breasts went from a D-cup to a super small A-cup.

I did not liked that, I was pleased with my more ripped look,and I did not wanted to gain more fat, so I decided to get my breast done,and so I did.

When I had my breasts enlarged,I was not able to train, and I wanted to minimized my upper body muscles and I wanted to make my lower body muscles more prominent this time.

I had another goal now, I wanted to smaller ontop and bigger on my lower body.
Now I read more about glute training,and wanted to know everything I could about how to get my glutes as big as possible,because that was my goal!

I have always admire black womens body because most of you are born with larger lower bodies,and yes, I know that not every black woman have large behinds,but most of you have if you compare to white girls,and the same thing here, of course there are white girls who are born with big behinds as well, but most of us have smaller butts if we don’t weight train.

I came up with a workout plan I followed and my body got even better! I had now trained for 3 years and I was so pleased with my body!

But I was not where I wanted to be.

Then I got pregnant with my first beautiful baby,I did not train during my pregnancy because I had back pain,I became depressed and felt bad.

After my baby was born, I had lost a lot of muscles,and so my butt I had built !
I tried to come back and started to train again, but after 2 weeks I lost motivation.

I was still depressed,I felt my life was over, I did not knew I had postpartum depression
and I had it for 2 years because I did not talk to someone about it, I was scared.

I manage to weight train now and then,and after about 2-3 years I got my butt back from lifting weights.

I also wanted to help other girls who had the same problem I had with my body,so I did.
Back then, girls where so happy to find my site because this was pretty new back then.

Today it is everywhere which is great in my opinion!

We all look different have have different goals,so I am happy to help those who want to gain weight,and also those who want to lose weight.

We all deserve to be happy about ourselves and our bodies!

Then I got pregnant with my wonderful child number two, this time I was prepared,and I manage to train better during my second pregnancy,I did lost muscles from my second pregnancy too of course,but I felt great, no back pain or depression.

After my second baby was born, yepp, my butt was smaller again, so I started to train again to build my body and butt up again, and so I did !

I have had injuries that I stopped me from working out too,so I have not been training strict for 12 years.

I am still training to meet my goal,and my goal always become bigger lol

Thanks for reading:-)

Have a wonderful night<3

P.S sorry for errors etc, I am too tired to fix it now.

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