I use light weights mostly baby!

Good evening!

I hope you guys have had a nice Friday:-)

My workout today was back,hams and a dew booty exercises in the end, It went pretty well.

Many of you ladies ask me how much weight I use when I do my exercises, and I will tell you that weights is not that important as you think.

The most important thing is that you really use your muscle and make your workout intense, you will lift more weights over time.

I use my body weight only for some exercises and do many reps, for others 5 kg (11 lbs)
With two leg exercises I use more weights than for single leg exercises, but still “light”

I want you to know that it is intense for me because I am using the right muscle to do most of the job so therefore I can’t go any heavier, if I would, then more muscles would be involve and also take over the work which is not something I want to do here.

Have a lovely night 😉


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