You must have a reason in order to push yourself

Lollo here:-)

It is time to sleep now!

I hope you guys feel great and keep on lifting:-)

Remember why you are doing what you do,you have to have a reason/reasons to WHY you are doing what you do, without any reasons, you wont motivate yourself enough!

So what is your reason? come up with as many reasons as  you can and read them over and over again whenever you want to quite or get demotivated

Good night and sleep tight<3


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2 thoughts on “You must have a reason in order to push yourself

  1. My dream is to.become like you, you are beautiful and wonderful person inside too…I’m in a hard moment of life and It would be so wonderful to see my dreams come true…you are an inspiration!
    Great hugs

    • Thank you Luna for your beautiful comment<3
      Remember that you are the most special and most important person for yourself, you should appreciate everything about yourself.
      Find your strength and beauty and become the person you want to be.

      I wish you the best!


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