Teach your children the importance of being healthy and active

Happy new week!:-)

I had a nice Sunday with my children, we had a bicycle ride of 40 min and then played mini golf for about 1 h or so.

I am always active with my kids,and it is good to teach them early about the importance of being active and eating habits.

I always talk in a way that they can understand because they are children.
An example can be ” It is good to exercise because your heart will be happy ” , “Your body needs exercise to keep you strong and heathy so you can play a lot with your friends and do whatever you want to do”

“Your body is your friend,and when you feed your body with healthy foods, your body will be very happy and strong”

If you want your kids to be more healthy ,active or both, then you need to be a good role model and start eating healthy and exercise first, because children do not listen to what you say, the do what you are doing.

Try to encourage them with positive words about training and nutrition  like “should we see who can run fastest?” or if you want them to be more active at home and pick up things on the floor “Do you think you can  beat mom? I don’t think so hehe” then your child will do anything to beat you and pick up the things very fast;-)

Or just say “Come for a walk with me and then we can count how many red cars we will see(or whatever they like”

Do not force your kids to do anything because this will have a reverse effect.
Talk about the good things and explain to them why it is good.


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