Results 1 month daily glute training


I have now done a full month of daily glute training.I can’t believe that it has been 1 month already.

I want to give you guys an update how it went.

I started off with one exercise I could do without growing my legs(much) and mostly my glutes,This exercise I used was not a isolating exercise because a isolation exercise did not serve my glutes well from my other experiment of a 2 weeks period of time with a isolating exercise.

The first week, I got a tremendous pump in my glutes and I was really amazed how my glutes looked right after I finished my exercise,in fact I thought my butt looked fake!! lol but that was a super nice motivator:-P.

The second week,I still got a pretty nice pump after each session,and I have now grown 0.5 cm in my glutes.

The third week,The pump was not that drastic anymore as for week 1 and week 2,but I still got a nice pump.

The fourth week,The pump was not really there,well I did got some, but my butt looked pretty much the same pre and post session.
Now I think it is time for me to take a break from this daily glute training because I think I have hit the max limit from this daily glute training.

If I continue now, I think it might not give me much and it might also reverse the growth.

For the last 2 weeks I grew another 0.5 cm, so in total for 4 weeks, I grew 1 whole cm !

It might not sound much to you right?

But I promise you…

For an advanced trainer who already have a good amount of muscle mass, it is A LOT!
plus, this is not fat!

My butt is harder and bigger,and I have not gained any fat at all.


I still think it is too early to say wether I have grown 1 cm in 1 month or not, because it could well be that I just have some swelling from more blood and water in my butt.

I will wait at least 2 weeks before I can tell if I did gained 1 cm or not,if I still have 1 cm more glute mass after 2 weeks, then yes, I did grew more muscles,and then I think I will rest for 4 weeks in total before I will try another 1 month intense daily glute training to see if I can boost my glutes even further.

Stay tuned;-)


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10 thoughts on “Results 1 month daily glute training

  1. Gains Gains Gains 🍑 You look great!keep it up Lo. I’m working on weight loss but also trying to keep the booty from deflating and get it perked up 😆

  2. Good job Lo!
    What is your cm on your glutes?
    Mine is 41″…i feel like mine isn’t growing. I feel like i hit a Plateau 😞. I have been that size for about 6 months.

  3. Please please what is that exercise you have been doing?????? Your butt is like a balloon!!! 😍

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