Prepare yourself for a workout

How do I prepare myself for a workout?

I put on some good music that gives me motivation! Oh man, if I listen to something I like,I can be tired,but as soon as I hear the uplifting beats I get energy!

Also there are a lot of things you can do to motivate yourself to train like:

* Listen to music that you like
* Visualize yourself/hold an image in your head that you want to look like
* Think about what training will give you in the end (awesome body,health,better self-esteem etc)
* Just do it! do not think,just do the work.
* Watch other people who train and get inspire (NOTE! This does not always work,it can have a opposite effect too,if so, don’t do it!)
* Have a cup of coffee
* Remind yourself why you are doing it

What do you do to keep you motivating?

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Now it is time for my calves and arm workout pretty soon:-)


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