Calves-stick to thick

I get many questions about my calves “Is it genetics?” “How do you train your calves?”
“How big is your calves?” etc etc

You who have been following me for a long time know that I was not born with big calves
because I have been showing you pictures and also wrote about my calves before.

For you new ones, no I was not born with big calves, in fact they were sticks!
And as soon as I stop working them out, they get small pretty fast.

I don’t have huge calves or anything like that, but they are defined and therefore they might appear bigger,I don’t store fat on my calves (or legs for that matter=apple shaped)

Well, of course I store fat if I gain weight, but it is just a tiny ,tiny bit compared to my belly for example.

I was so ashamed over my stick calves when I was younger and it was hard to gain muscles on my calves.
I think it had to do with my negative thinking about my calves,the frustration I had about them.
Also I hide them as well in pants even on summers,that was REALLY a pain for me!

I hated every single summer because of my calves, because I was so afraid to show them.

For some how, I dropped my frustration about my calves, and I had a more relaxed attitude towards them, and I decide to train them with focus and control with a happy attitude and really train them hard about 3 times per week.

Like this:

Tuesday: 6 set two leg standing calf raises and 6 sets seated calf raises (heavy reps 6-8)

Thursday: Single leg standing calf raises 4 sets, seated two legs calf raises (medium reps 10-12)

Saturday: 6 set seated two leg calf raises, 6 set standing two leg calf raises (high reps 15-20)

Also varied with techniques like drop sets,super sets,rest pause,slow and fast reps etc

I got bigger calves but it took some time, I really bust my calves off when I worked out and imagined how I wanted my calves to look.

I stop hiding my calves because I was no longer afraid to show them, due to skinny calves.

I have not trained my calves super effective for months now but I have tried to maintain them a little with calf training  once per week, but I am planning to train them 3 times per week again,at least 2 times per week to make them bigger.

So if you are not blessed with big calves and want them bigger, you NEED to be focusing on them, train them hard and frequently because they might be very stubborn!

And don’t cheat, no momentum when you train them, full range of motion (ROM) squeeze at the top.

You wont get good results by cheating!


You need to change your attitude, instead of “they can’t grow” to —-> “I will make sure they grow” , your mindset is your greatest power!



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