Legs workout clip

I had a nice leg workout yesterday and I manage to do 4 more reps for squats than the last week,and added 11 pounds extra on legpress machine than the last week and it felt fantastic!

I never sacrifice my form/technique for more weights, I rather do more reps than load more weights.

Once I can do let say 15 reps with good form,then I am good to go to ass more weights for my next workout.

When it comes to squatting, my core is still not superstrong, so I must adjust the weights after how much core can handle and not actually what my legs can handle,because if I don’t care about my core during squatting, then my lower back will snap !

But..I use my quads very good so they get pretty tired anyway which is great!

I can’t wait for my next leg session 🙂

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