Real glute gains

It is one thing to gain a bigger butt from fat,or both fat and muscles.
If you gain a bigger butt from fat,well it is easy to do, just eat more and you will have a bigger butt within weeks.

If you will mostly gain muscles in your butt,well you need to do it for years.

In this picture 2009 VS 2016 I have gained muscles in my butt only.
Actually, I have less body fat% today then I had back then 2009.

Most people who show before and after pics often show the before pictures when they are really skinny compared to the after picture.

Of course the results will look a lot more when you eat more food and gain both fat and muscles.

So I wanted to show you that I was not skinny in the picture 2009,just lack of butt muscles.
2009 I was depressed and was struggling to gain back my glute muscles,I trained now and then but did not find the motivation to train for  longer period of time.


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