Happy Saturday everyone:-)

I am not sure I told you guys in my blog that I have injured my lower back(lumbago)due to spondylolisthesis,so I had my chiropractor crack my back on each side.

This happen to me once in a while and he said that I am probably going to have this in the future too :-O

Okay,okay, I will do my best to listen more to my body.

The first week after lumbago I did not do any weight training at all,only ride my bicykle and walk.

This second week,no weights for my legs or butt,only body weight exercises,I could still not bent forward or squat even with my body weight because it hurt too much.

Today I feel better,but I am not sure when I can do squats(hopefully next week)
I will see my chiropractor on Thursday next week again to check my back and see if everything is on the right track.

I did have a lot of pain in my lower back yesterday,more than the day before that,so I guess I will still feel the pain some day more and some day less.

I will do whatever my body allows me to do and I am superfine with that:-)

I can’t wait to gain more meat on my bones:-D (hopefully next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeek)


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