Smaller waist challenge-Thank you!

Hey girls!

I am very happy that a lot of you want to join this smaller waist challenge:-)
So during this week, I will let everyone know who sent me emails about the smaller wist challenge.

I will reply to you and give you a password that you need to view these smaller waist posts.

Once we start this smaller waist challenge, no one more can join.

I will start this challenge on Monday 5, December (next week)
Be sure to be there!;-)


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18 thoughts on “Smaller waist challenge-Thank you!

  1. Really wanted to join the challenge but do not want to take or show people before and after pics, so I’m disqualified. However, wish everyone the best of luck and am looking forward to seeing the results!
    Wish you good luck and the will to do the hard work everyone! xx

    • We thank you:-)

      The only you need to do is a before pic of your waist/belly and no one will recognize you.but everyone is different,if you feel uncomfortable then of course you should not do it.

  2. Hi. I would like to join the challenge! Could I do it without losing muscle? I’ve been getting lots of butt compliments Photos coming


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  3. Finally starting to see my hard work pay off, bit still need some some help getting my summer body now.

      • But when and where exactly do we post. I’ve taken my pictures, but I don’t even see the option for adding a pic and personally I never want to look like this again. I can’t wait to see a change.

      • Laura, If you feel uncomfortable,then keep your before picture for yourself.

        Once you have master all weeks of this challenge,you will take a after pic,from there, you will send before and after pics to me(to my email)

        I will pic a winner,a second place and a third place from this challenge and post them in the progress pictures page on this blog.

        IF you follow everything in this challenge,you will see results:-)


      • No, I’m not uncomfortable sharing, I was just uncomfortable in what I saw and can’t wait till I see a better me.

  4. Hey girl 😊

    Would love to get the password to get on your smaller waist challenge 😊😊 Loving your content!!✌🏻️

    Emma finnegan x

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