Cellulite treatment and tighter hamstrings

Q: Hi Lo,

Can you give suggestions on exercises that target the back of your legs, just below your glutes? I do cardio several times a week walking uphill and I do exercises that target my glutes, but I can’t get rid of cellulite in that area and don’t know any exercises that will tighten and tone this area of my legs below my glutes. If you have any suggestions that would be awesome! Thank you!

Cellulite’s can only be less visible if you lose fat and strengthen your muscles to “stretch” out your skin to give your skin a more firm and smooth surface.

Cellulite’s comes from a weak structure of the skin,that makes it harder to keep the fat in place between the muscle and skin which causes “dimples”

You need to do a long term home treatment a long with exercises and weight training to minimize the size of your cellulite’s  and here are my tips to make it better.

Just note that it takes time.

Exercises that target the hamstrings:

* Lying

* Or Seated leg curl

* Stiff deadlift with barbell

* Or stiff deadlift with dumbbells

* Swiss ball hamstrings curl

Do 3 exercises and do 3 sets each exercise and do a rep range between 8-12 reps.

Home treatment:

*Dry brushing

Do this every single day before your shower.

* Lotion with vitamin E (or vitamin E oil) can be massage to your skin after dry brushing and shower,this might help tighten the skin.

* Coffee twice per week ,(text I saw on THIS website,I will paste it here)
“Caffeine–a stimulant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and potent anti-oxidant–may be a worthwhile ally to recruit in the fight against cellulite. You can make your own cellulite cream by mixing a quarter-cup of coffee grounds–fresh and still warm from your brewer or percolator–with a tablespoon of olive oil. Use a loofah to massage the mixture onto cellulite-plagued spots, then wrap the treated area in clear plastic wrap and keep it on for five to 10 minutes. Take off the wrap, brush off the mixture, and shower. Use twice weekly.”


I will past my last blog post about nutrition here

Protein sources (Eat your protein to each meal,and can be consume anytime during the day)

* Eggs
* Chicken
* Turkey
* Ham
* Fish (both fat fish and non fat fish)
* Cottage cheese
* Milk (if you can handle it)
* Yogurt (no added sugar)
* Shrimps
* Red meat (more rare)
* Soy beans
* Lentils
* Beans
* Nuts

Fat sources (Eat your fat more during the day,and less for breakfast)

* Avocado
* Oil such as olive oil,canola oil,flaxseed oil etc
* Nuts (all kinds)
* Flaxseed
* Olives
* Coconut fat(more rare)

Carbohydrate sources (if you are overweight,apple shaped woman etc,then limit your carvohydrate intake and eat less of it before bedtime)

* Vegetables
* Fruit (3-5 per day depending how big it is)
* Lentils
* Parboiled/Jasmine rice
* Sweet potatoes
* Root crops
* Oats


* Multivitamins In the morning
* Fish oil (help with fat loss and building muscles) in the morning
* Ginger (1 teaspoon,for health) in the morning
* Maca (1-3 teaspoon,for energy,health and balancing hormones) in the mordning
* Whey protein post workout (not necessary if you eat proteins from food if you prefer that better)
* Creatine (not for beginners,only for those who have been training  for a long period of time and need extra boost to get stronger in their workouts) 1 teaspoon per day in the morning or pre-workout

There are some people who needs more carbohydrate to function well,and there are people who can’t function well if they consume too much.

If you have a fast metabolism and/or train really intense and often,you might need more carbohydrate in your diet,try to increase your carbohydrate slowly each week to see how much you need.

If you are overweight, gain fat easily or being an apple shaped woman, I would suggest to limit your carbohydrate and eat more of protein and fat, do not avoid carbohydrate completely though.
Try to eat your carbs for breakfast and lunch and then decrease it afternoon and before bedtime and eat more of protein and fat.


HIIT (high intense interval training) is the best to use 2-3 times per week ontop of daily walks (more low impact cardio) to get rid of stubborn fat.

Pic a activity that will raise your heart rate and do it fast for 15-20 sec at first,and thendo it slow or rest 30-40 sec,repeat with fast 15-20 sec followed by slow or rest for 30-40 sec, work your way up to 15 min in total.

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