Gained 2 kg

I have gained 2 kg since I got sick in the flu.
Sounds weird to gain weight if you get sick instead of losing weight right?

The thing was that I forced myself to eat even if I did not had the apatite, at least some protein shakes (fat milk with whey protein powder) and also I ate ice cream, it was a lot of ice cream because I love ice cream and when I eat I can’t hardly stop!

Of course I was not active at all, I lay down on my bed most of the time during this period.
Eating a lot of ice cream if you want to gain weight is not something I would recommend though!

This was the only thing I really wanted and could eat during this period, so I did not care that much.

Anyway, now I will stick to a healthy diet and continue to working out as normal and then I am ready to shred some weights for summer.

I don’t know how much, the mirror will be my judge:-)


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