Quick glute workout!

Here comes a quick booty workout for those who does not have much time !

You will do all exercises in a row without a rest in between.
Once you have complete the circle of all exercises, rest 1 min and do another circle.

Make it 3 rounds(circles) and then you are done! always rest 1 min after each complete circle.

12-20 reps/each exercise

Note..Always warm up before your workout;-)

1, Seated band abduction

2, Hipthrust with/or without a band around your knees

3, Step up (on a bench/chair) alternate legs each rep

4, Cursty lunges, alternate legs each rep

5, Lateral band walk


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2 thoughts on “Quick glute workout!

    • If you do it as body weight and not too many reps you can use it as warm up, if you want to gain some muscles then add some weights.

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