My fat loss so far

If you follow me in Instagram as well, then you know that I have started my diet to lose
fat because my goal for now is a nice belly/waist for summer.

On Monday I have been dieting for 4 weeks, and the first 3 weeks I lost 3 kg.
1 kg per week for me is too much so I will go for 0,5 kg per week instead to keep my energy level high.

This is my routine so far:

1, First thing in the morning I take 1 scoop BCAA, and right away I go for a brisk walk of 60 min.

2, When I get home from my morning walk, I eat my breakfast

3, Work

4, Lunch break 30-40 min bicycle ride, then lunch

4, Work

5, 1 h weight training, right after post workout whey protein 1 scoop with 1 serving maltodextrin

I eat smaller meals 6-8 meals per day, I don’t calculate my macros, but I make sure to count my protein intake,and I also count my total calorie intake for the day.

So far so good 🙂

I am getting smaller and I am fine with that as long as my belly/waist shrinks and visible “abs” shows up.

After my diet, when I am satisfied with my waist, I will start building muscles on maintenance at first and then add calories slowly to gain muscles, I want to maintain my waist and not gain unnecessary fat.

How about you girls? are you trying to lose some before summer or are you trying to gain? 🙂


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2 thoughts on “My fat loss so far

  1. Wow, your routine must be pretty though!
    I am currently trying to lose some weight too and I hope that my belly is going to look better soon. 🙂

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