100% ready !

You really need to be  clear about your goal in order to succeed.
I have wanted to lose my belly fat several of times in the past, but I also have been scared to lose too much curves from my lower body.

Therefore I have not been 100% ready to lose the unwanted fat.
This time I am exactly 100% ready!

I know that I will lose more curves (I also have already), but that is OKAY because I know that I can eat more whenever I want it if I don’t like it, not only that….I have a goal, a plan on how I will go about to get the body I want.

So, I will look smaller at first and be smaller all over, but I also know that I will keep on lifting weights and gain more muscles again after this diet and to keep my waist smaller this time, so a slow “bulk” is what’s coming.

I want my belly back from when I was like 28-29 years old, a flat belly with some visible abs:-)

So be 100% ready for whatever you want girls! it will come:-)
6-8 weeks left:-P


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