Stick to it no matter what!

If you are bulking up to gain more muscles or cutting to lose the extra layer of fat, you need to be clear about what you want.

There will come a time when you think you are too fat from bulking, perhaps you have the genetics that store mostly fat on your upper body and noticing that you now have curves on the wrong places.

Or when you are cutting, you think that your now have lost your butt instead of belly etc.

THIS is normal and it happens to most of us, this is the time you need to say to yourself that this will not last forever and keep on pushing with whatever you do (bulking or cutting)

If you stop too soon, then you will regret it and wont see the results you are after.

I am still on a diet phase,and there are times I look so small and I also wonder where my butt is!? lol or I look skinny with a big belly and all I want is to eat again to fill up my glutes and legs so they become bigger, but then I know that is has to do so much with water loss and glycogen and not so much muscle loss (perhaps no muscle loss) as you might think.

Once you eat normal again, you will notice after a couple of days that you look really big and full due to more calories,water and glycogen inside your muscles.

I really want the waist I am looking for ,for summer so I still keep on moving despite my feelings about some body parts at this point.

The same goes for bulking, it takes time to gain muscles and if you stop eating more while weight training to gain more muscles, then whenever you lose fat you will end up looking the same as you took off.

Give it TIME, and you don’t need to overeat to gain muscles especially for those who are overweight and for those who are normal weight.

The only ones who need to increase calorie intake much more are those who have a super fast metabolism (hard gainers)

So, make sure you go all the way before you change anything, otherwise you will regret it.

Hang on there;-)


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