More tension in your glutes-resistance band

Resistance bands might sound corny/silly, but they do have some great value to your training.You can add in resistance bands for squats,deadlifts,glutebridge,hip thrusts RDL etc to get more glute activation.

You can also add in band work if you really have weak gluteus medius and need to strength those hip muscles.
You can use them at home or in the gym, take them with you.I don’t necessary see bands as a building tool for mass, but I do see bands as a great combo to weight training and really can boost your glute muscles.

So in this blog post, I want to share with you how you can activate and use the highest tension in your glutes with resistance bands/loop bands from Lateral band walk.

You can place your band on 3 spots:

1, On your ankles
2, Around your knees (just below your knee)
3, On your thighs

If you want the most out of your glute training, you will have the greatest tension in your glutes if you rap your band around your ankles, the lower you place your band, the greater tension on the glutes you will have.

As a total beginner or for those who have weak hips, you can start with thigh placement and from there below your knees and finally around your ankle to give as much resistance and tension possible.


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