About me/Om mig



My name is Lollo Training-Health/Coach from Sweden and I am the founder of glutegirl3.com and glutegirls.com

I am also a mother of two beautiful children.

My goal is to help as many women as possible to achieve a better and curvier body to make them feel better in their own skin.

I know how frustrated I was before I started to train,because I was thin my whole life until I started to lift weight and focused on to build curves.

Everywhere I read(magazines,books,internet etc)
It said “How can I lose weight” “How can I get a smaller butt”,I was so tired of all that because all I wanted was to gain more curves!

So I decided to do my own journey,research and study to find out how I could gain more curves.

I have helped many girls (especially abroad) gaining more curves.

I have been lifting weights for 12 years now and my experience and expertise comes to glute training and overall curves.

I hope you will find this site helpful for you:-)

If you want personal help, I can help you create your personal customized workout plan to meet your goal.

Invest in yourself, you deserve it!

Contact : glutegirl3@gmail.com