Progress pictures

4  Girls from my 4 weeks smaller waist challenge



I just wanted to share some progress pictures with you. I have been (seriously) training my glutes for about 9 months now and i have been following you. I workout at home, by myself, with my own workouts and have been staying at it very consistently. I read all your articles and take everything you say to heart. You inspire me to stay motivated and just keep going and keep getting stronger. And I have fallen SO IN LOVE with working out with heavy weights. (Right now working up to do 37kg weights with constant muscle-mind connection)
Tonight after my workout i decided to see if i could find any old “booty” pics from several months ago. I was SO ASTOUNDED when i saw the progress i have made!!! I attached a picture because i wanted to show you my progress– i am really proud of it and it is ALL THANKS TO YOU and everything you put out there for women who want to sculpt themselves. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You are my fitness inspiration! 
I hope this puts a smile on your face 🙂
Many friendly greetings from Germany!”



“I have tried many months of glute workouts with different programs and each month ended up with little to no results until I discovered glutegirl. In only three months of training with her customized program and her advice along the way, I have finally increased the size of my glutes, improved shape, and am beginning see a visible difference. I can’t wait to see what my next months training with her will bring!”

client before and after glute progress


“Thank you soooo much Lollo for your help creating a customized butt plan for me!I was surprise that it was so effective!You are my number one<3”

Client 6 months of glute focus program




A woman who purchase a pre-made “bigger butt smaller legs” because she already have big,strong legs and want to mainly focus on her butt.

“Hey sorry I don’t  have any before pictures but here is a pic of were im up too now…
 still got a long way too go but definitely on the right path 😉 xx”



My progress (Me Lollo)


The left pic is me before I started to train, I did not had a big butt,the right is how I look after years of training with glute focus.

The left pic is me 2 years after my first child, I tried to gain my butt back with weight training,but I did only train now and then because lack of motivation. it took med about 2-3 years post delivery to get my motivation and gaining my butt muscles back.

Me at 2009 VS 2015


The left pic is 5 day’s after my second child,and my butt was flat after my pregnancy, 11 months later with glute focus I gained back the glute muscles I had before my second child, it was a quick one due to muscle memory and also
This time I had motivation to train compared to my first post pregnancy.


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